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Ayo.. I did the survey and everything.  Its hella long though so if you wanna read it, umm.. I've never used an LJ cut before, so sorry if I get it wrong.

Name:  Casey Wilkinson

Age: 19

Why are you a republican?:  Because I grew up.  I used to be a pretty radical democrat.. but, I was a high school student.  Not only that, the college that I was going to pretty much rejected me once I started utilising my own "new ideas".. if you've ever heard of The Evergreen State College, well.. yeah.. not very conducive to common sense or conservativism.  You'll be blacklisted.

Do you have any problems being a republican surrounded by democrats?:  Not at all.  I've lived in socialist grime all my life.  Olympia Washington, baby.. come here if you want to get in fights.  It looks like Soviet Moscow and Chinatown's love child.  You'll be shunned and practically blacklisted so fast if you don't fall in line with the hivemind "hip" shit.  I think it's hilarious that anarchists actually exist here.  I tell them that when anarchy actually happens, they're all first on my list.  Here, the ones who preach "tolerance" and "peace" are the most intolerant fucks you will ever meet and are the first ones to break windows and launch their own piss at cops during protests at the Port of Olympia (which has been renamed by the locals as the "Peace Port."  No military ships!!)  Which gets on my nerves because my dad is a cop.  And god forbid you don't give the gutter trash your hard-earned change without being verbally assaulted.  I can't blame them for being so bitter though, because this piece of shit city drives out business so fast with their socialist policies, it's hard to find jobs even for me.

Political Persuasion (liberal, moderate, conservative, libertarian, Christian Conservatives):  Not Christian, but spiritual to my own liking.  I've been through so many miles of political ideal changes it's crazy.  I don't think you could consider me a libertarian.  I'm not extremist to any degree.  I don't really want my name affiliated with the 9/11 conspiracy crackpots drawn in by Ron Paul.  I guess you could call common sense my political persuasion.

how do you feel about the war on terrorism?:  I'm not going to say bring the troops home, because I'm not the one universal authority on what's good for them.  Hell if I'm gonna tell a soldier whats best for him.  He's there for a reason, because he wants to be.  I would be there with them if the Air Force took me (but they didn't take kindly to my tattoos).  I've got soldier's blood and I respect each and every member of the US Armed Forces 100%.  The war on terrorism needs to be won, the only problem was the contingency plan.  But the liberals don't see that since the surge, violence has been greatly reduced in the middle east.

Who's your favorite president?:  Abraham Lincoln, no doubt about it

Where are you from? (if you don't mind):  Born in Hawaii on a military base, moved to Olympia Washington (unfortunately) at the age of 4, been a victim of bullshit city/state policy ever since.  Eastern Washington should be made a part of Idaho, at least it's got common sense.

What political issue is most important to you?:  Global warming being a fallacy.  Well if it's not a fallacy.. humans aren't causing it anyway.  Environmentalists are causing it.  Look at california and all the O2 being released into the atmosphere by forest fires.  What's on fire?  TREES.  But god forbid we cut the trees down!  Common sense.  Some people just don't have it.

What, if anything, would you do differently from George W. Bush if you were president?:  Damn, too deep of a question to answer without writing an essay.  Not saying he is a bad guy or anything, because he gets a bad rap.  I'll ask kids around here why they hate Bush so much, all of them, guaranteed, will say that they think he's stupid.  Pretty ironic considering who it's coming from.  But anyway, I would do alot of things much differently.  Alot of it would cause uproar in a democracy though.  Such as my first action as president, dropping the fuck out of the UN.

any interesting stories, hobbies, talents?:  I have an undying love for hip hop.  Holy shit a hip hop republican.  Um.. I like singing.  Girls of course.  I smoke.  I got a cat.  I like guns.  I could really dig a lady in my life.  I have a burning desire to get out on my own (no disrespect to my separated parents, love em til I die, I just need the adventure and the freedom).  I got a few friends I can trust 100%, I only hang out with one on the regular.  I got an obsession with the mob (godfather shit, ya know).  I love street fighter.  I love movies, and music, and I'll always love movies and music.

a suggestion for a question to add to the survey:  What is your favorite politically-oriented book?

any suggestions for interests of the community:  ??

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