Apophis (apophis_wolf) wrote in teenrepublicans,


 Name: Apophis

Age: 13 (14 on the last of september)

Why are you a Republican?: Because i am sick and tired of the Left whining; global warming caused by man, no blood for oil etc. I find it hard being one of the only republicans in my school. I will find myself standing up in the middle of class correcting teachers when they say something non sensicle such Americans causing global warming. Why? Becuase we're using technology that isn't made before fire? i seem to be ranting on as if it were my LJ. Moving on.

Do you have any problems with being a republican surounded by democrats?: Obviously. i answered this pretty well openly in the last survey question. I have no problems with someone being a democrat, but when the insults come up or the "what's wrong with you, you monster" look gazes at you, then the fights happen.

How do you feel on the war on terrorism?: Sadam's gone, that's really what matters.

Who is your favorite president?: My three favorite are Washington, Lincoln, and Reagan.

Where are you from?: Rhode Island. I know, surprises me too. Wretched socialist backwater is what it really is.

Any interesting stories, talents, hobbies?: I play the flute and a little bit of the piano. i enjoy reading and practicing martial arts. I am told by somme that i have a great sense of humar and by others that i have a sick and twisted sense of humar (is there any other kind?) and that i should not be using the internet. My true skill shines on video games and computers however, and I have never lost a multiplayer game of Halo 3 since i got it. I wish i was kidding, my skill amazes me sometimes so much that i have to put down the controller. I insist, i am not a nerd by any means, my immortality in a video game is an accident but hey, thats just one less thing.

I am a strong republican and i know the best thing for this country to have done this race was to elect Fred Thombson, now our only hope is to vote McCain. At least Clinton is out, and God save us if they had voted her in. But the only people who vote for her anyway are soccer moms and necrophiliacs so.....

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