Jamie (missamerican) wrote in teenrepublicans,

Name: Jamie Taylor

Age: Seventeen

Why are you a republican?:  With the knowledge I have on issues I don't see how anyone could be anything other than a republican. 
am a republican because I believe innocent life should be protected and guilty life should be punished. I am a republican because I think using my mind and sympathize using my heart. I am a republican because I believe without morals our government will not strive and without faith our government will fail. I am a republican because I love the people who give me freedom and I love a government that wishes to keep that freedom. I am a republican because I believe in the limited role of government, but I do believe that government has a role to play.

Do you have any problems being a republican surrounded by democrats?: No, unless they insist on voicing their opinions and their opinions just happen to not be backed up by absolutely any facts.

Political Persuasion (liberal, moderate, conservative, libertarian, Christian Conservatives): Conservative/Libertarian. I guess I could expand on this. I've probably been thought of as a Christian Conservative more than anything.. but I'm not a christian and my stances in no way correlate with my (lack of) religion. I also share many libertarian viewpoints. There are a few reasons I'm not a libertarian, though. The issues I have more of a conservative republican stance on are overall probably stronger issues to me than the ones I have libertarian stances on. Plus, I'm pretty much a realistic person. Republicans have more of a chance to get in and get things accomplished more so than any third party candidate does.

How do you feel about the war on terrorism?: I don't know about you.. but terrorist isn't a very pleasant thing for me. Haha. Jokingly. But in all honesty, we're already fighting this war. We started it. it doesn't matter what any of us think on if it should have started in the first place or not.. but we ARE still there.. and that's all that should be discussed now. So, on that note, I think it'd be a very stupid move to pull out 'cold turkey' right now. I'd probably advise some things to be handled differently.. but overall, I'm glad we're not just pulling out and wasting any hope of anything good coming out of it.

Who's your favorite president?:  Reagan and Nixon. (There are reasons for everything :] )

Where are you from? (if you don't mind): Auburn, Alabama.

What political issue is most important to you?: This is rather hard; there are many issues important to me. Abortion is definately up there. Death penalty, illegal immigration..

What, if anything, would you do differently
from George W. Bush if you were president?:
Oh, there is a lot. But isn't that true to say for everyone? I'll start out saying I admire our current president and I almost fully support him. I would probably start with the thing that is pissing me the most off right now about the way Bush is handling it- illegal immigration. Deport them- all of them- immediately. Secure our borders. Tighten laws against companies that hire illegal immigrants. I guess I'd also do things a little different relating to the war on terrorism. Probably a few more things that aren't really worth mentioning right now.

any interesting stories, hobbies, talents?: I'm a major nerd. I love reading and watching the news. I love politics. Haha, that's about it.

a suggestion for a question to add to the survey: I think that covers a lot.

any suggestions for interests of the community:  It's pretty good the way it is.

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