Sara (erica9) wrote in teenrepublicans,

Name: Sara

Age: 18

Why are you a republican?: I'm not a republican, but I have conservative political leanings

Do you have any problems being a republican surrounded by democrats?: i don't have a problem being surrounded by anyone. isn't that idealistic?

Political Persuasion (liberal, moderate, conservative, libertarian, Christian Conservatives): libertarian. make everything safe and legal!

how do you feel about the war on terrorism?: I'm not sure how i feel about it. I don't feel entirely comfortable with it. I think its important to try and help the Iraqi people, however i don't think we're accomplishing that.

Who was your favorite president?: I have two, one would be George Washington. before you jump to conclusions hear me out. He had a lot to say that we ignored. Take his farewell address for example. His main point was that we should not form factions, ie political party. and look at us now. our parties are so completly polarized that there's no way we can ever compromise. We have the "christian" conservatives telling us what is moral and what is not based on their religion, then we have the bleeding heart liberals trying to save the unemployed world. there's no middle ground. i would go more into my annoying ideals, but this is getting rather long.
Second I'd have to say FDR. I know, he expanded the goverment's control like crazy, but he picked the country back up onto its feet during and after the depression. With the fireside chats and his sensible look at welfare. the programs he set up in the new deal gave the unemployed money, but they had to work for it. I think we should have such programs now, but of course no one would go for that.

Where are you from? (if you don't mind): a hick town in north carolina.

What political issue is most important to you?: Well, i guess my conservative issues are changing welfare. i know it sounds heartless, but i hate it. If i'm giving legit unemployed people trying to get back on their feet my hard earned money, thats fine. but when i'm giving some woman who's popping out babies just to stay on welfare my dollars, then thats another story.
however, i have a lot of social issues that are so important to me. I don't think the government should be involved in roe v.wade, gay marriage, the morning after pill, and things like that. I think that people have brains, they can choose what they want to do with their bodies. Also the argument against these ideas are primarily religious. We have religious freedom in this country, and thats what our country was founded on: not christianity.

What, if anything, would you do differently
from George W. Bush if you were president?: well, i think bush makes republicans look bad in general. Find someone who reads what is handed to him, can speak eloquently in public, and doesn't have a vice president who mistakes someone's face for a quail. Quails: 1, Republican party:0
But on more serious note, i would change the supreme court. I am disgusted with his appointment of Chief Justice Roberts. You can't put someone with no experience in that position. Also the US is pretty much screwed for the next 50 years because our supreme court is so conservative that theres no room for social change. I'm considering moving to Canada because of our supreme court right now. Or maybe spain, its warmer there.

Any interesting stories, hobbies, talents?: Lets see, I'm from North Carolina, now living in Pittsburgh. I play D3 ice hockey for a women's college here. I'm majoring in Psychology and Forensics, and I plan on doing my own research for a while then teaching at University.

A suggestion for a question to add to the survey: Something along the lines of "have you been exposed to any other political leanings other than conservative?" I think this is a very important question because how can you really know if you're a republican if you haven't been exposed to other ideas? I know I was raised around Hardcore republicans my whole life, and was never really exposed to other ideas until I was older. Being exposed to other ideas helped me form my own ideas (a mix between liberal and conservative)

any suggestions for interests of the community: Intellectual contributions from all politcal persuasions.
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