J.u.l.i.a (runfuzzmonkrun) wrote in teenrepublicans,

hey all, i'm new

Name: Julia

Age: 16

Why are you a republican?: Hm. I haven't really thought about that. I just am, I guess. My views are (for the most part) really conservative, so I kinda just fell into being a republican i guess?

Do you have any problems being a republican surrounded by democrats?: YES. I have only one friend who's a republican, and she lives 26 hours away. All my classmates and friends are democrats and it drives me crazy most of the time because i honestly can't understand why they believe some of the things they do.

Political Persuasion (liberal, moderate, conservative, libertarian, Christian Conservatives): probably Christian Conservative

how do you feel about the war on terrorism?: I support Bush & our troops 100%

Who's your favorite president?: Reagan, even though I just read an article in government about how the good economy wasn't his doing... whatever. I like W Bush too.

Where are you from? (if you don't mind): Michigan- about 20 miles outside Detroit = lots of democrats

What political issue is most important to you?: abortion

What, if anything, would you do differently
from George W. Bush if you were president?: umm i probably wouldn't push a constitutional ban on gay marriage so much. I think at the federal level a bill like the DOMA should be strengthened, but the issue of gay marriage or civil unions should be left up to the states.

any interesting stories, hobbies, talents?: well it's kinda fun sometimes getting in debates with people who disagree with you and end up not losing. winning's more fun, but that doesn't happen much here.

a suggestion for a question to add to the survey: hmm nope this is pretty thorough lol

any suggestions for interests of the community: can't think of any.

just want to say i'm really glad that i found this community and hope we can have some interesting discussions!

p.s. i'm always open to new friends :)
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