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A guy named Tommy Boy

Communities up for transfer of ownership

Hi everyone. I wanted to offer 2 communities for a transfer of ownership. The reason is that I no longer have the time that I would like to spend on livejournal and want to focus on my 2 primary communities.

Communities up for transfer of ownership:
There are 2 communities that I would like to transfer. pro_patriotic and republican_co have both been on livejournal since early 2005, and I have not had the chance to really work in those communities to build them they way I would like. Therefore, if anyone in this community (bush_cheney_04) or any of the other communities that have friended us who would like to take control of 1 or both of them, please let me know. Currently they are open, but need to have a member base built and because there are few entries in each, they really can be set to your preferences. Here is a short description below of each community:

republican_co is a community that focuses on issues with the entire republican party. Nothing is off limits as we look at everyone and everything. It goes beyond more of the Bush/Cheney presidency that we tend to focus more on in bush_cheney_04.

pro_patriotic is a community that focuses on our troops and allows members to share stories about their loved ones who are in the war, who have fought for us before, and talk about things in the military in general.

I've done what I could to help the communities out, but it's time where I think a new person running 1 or both of these will be the best thing to help these communities grow. Now, I know that many of you already have communities on livejournal. Therefore, here is what can be done for one or both if you like:

1.) If you have an existing community and you want to add the members from these to your own community (in a sense, shut it down), go ahead.
2.) If you have an existing community and want to build up membership in these communities (therefore keeping the communities), thats ok.

There is only 1 condition that I would like to have as part of the transfer. I would like to still link the communities as part of the alliance like we have with all 11 that we currently list as friends and of course, have you friend us back as well.

The bush_cheney_04 community along with the_right_ideal will remain unaffected in the transfer as they are the flagship communities that we run.

As for the_right_ideal, I invite those who have not joined to please join. It is where you get to use your own thinking, your own ideas, and come up with entries where you dont typically just copy/paste from news articles or those things. Come on over and try it out. All current members are welcome to go into that community as well. There haven't been a ton of entries in there either, but its a unique community that I invite all of you to try.
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