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SO Kiss me AND SMILE for me, Tell me that you'll wait for me.........hold me like you'll never let me go...

I'M LEAVING ON A JET PLANE....... I Don't know ......


................WHEN ILL BE BACK AGAIN.



It continues to piss me off how liberals just throw out "9/11" as if it wasn't a  slaughter. As if it was fake. As if it never happened since it was so "overly dramatized." Sorry but here's a news flash from my bias media known as logic: Not everyone is an extremist that thinks George W. Bush hired afghani's  to attack himself, his own people, for oil. Anyone convinced of such a conspiracy theory, I strongly suggest seeking immediate therapy, seriously.

I call myself a rationalist, which means, days don't go by where i just throw out "9/11" in a sentence for a political arguement because i'm pissed off at the government for "falsely invading iraq".  I don't throw out "9/11" as this casual open topic to be discussed in every humanly possible angle from which these people died.

Have they forgotten?

Have they talked about it so much they forgot , what happened?

Are they "over" it?


I saw "the second plane" live.

And in that 13 second transpired time period, never had i seen anything so flamboyantly full of hate.

I must say the anti-bush movement comes pretty close. They might as well start slaughtering each other and try to overthrow the government. Because they can't ACCEPT the FACT that he's "gotten away with it all". THERE HAS TO BE SOMETHING MORE, always something more. These activists are as paranoid as Nixon himself. No matter what George does, he will never be enough for them. He is the enemy. Whick makes us the enemy, because we stand with him.

Which calls for the - domestic -verbal civil wars in the media, between activists, and around the world.  The American people put this to silence on november 2 2004. Was it enough? Of course not.

The day that the entire world was staring at two towers........Lives ended, we blinked, and liberals went on to throw out "9/11" in a daily sentence as if it meant in each specific instance... absolutely nothing.


Could words EVER capture this moment?





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